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Chief of blood transfusion station Ph.D., Irmatov Sarvar Hikmatovich
Phone: (+99871) 2304978, (+99871) 2304987, (+99871) 2772732
Mail: ih_sarvarbek@mail.ru
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  Blood Transfusion Stations consist of 5 departments.

 Blood Transfusion Stations prepare about 1200 l of packed red cells,
 1200 l of fresh frozen plasma, more than 800 doses of washed red blood cells, 250  doses of cryoprecipitate, platelet concentrate, packed white cells, 10% albumin.


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Donor department.

Each year more than 4,000 donors give blood to the station, 90% of them gratuitous donors.

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 Clinical Laboratory
 To ensure the safety of blood products analysis on Hepatitis B and C, AIDS,  brucellosis determined centrally.


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Department of preparation of blood and components

Annually station prepare about 1500 liters of stored blood
and reprocess it into components.

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 The expedition with the centre of control of the blood supply
 In the expedition a part of the harvested plasma passes quarantine



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Department of blood preparations

Each year it produces 10 series 10% albumin by using method ultrafiltration