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Scientific Department: Academic Secretary Doctor of Science. Eshonkhodjaev Otabek Djuraevich.


Head of OM Department: PhD. Nurmukhamedov Muhammadgamal Rahimovich.

Head of library: Abidova Noila Bahranovna.


During the independence years, The Centre have passed 69 research grant projects

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Issued - 50 monographs, of these in CIS countries-14, in the far abroad -5.

The Centre is holder of: 134 patent for authorial working and researches. 

Since 1975, doctors of the Center presented 66 doctoral and 255 (PhD) master's research work.

Conference “Vokhidov reading"

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Considering the great contribution in the development of medical science in Uzbekistan, in order to per-petuate the memory of one of the founder of the Uzbek surgical school of Academician V Vakhidov. In this case, in 1995, the Cabinet of Ministry enacted to hold annually republican scientific-practical conference “Vokhidov reading" - on important problems of surgery. Since 1996, it began to be held with the participation of scientists from major research centers in the CIS countries and far abroad.

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Based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers and the order of the HAC №014-I from 22 July 2013 was approved by the Scientific Council of the 16.07.2013.Tib.20.01. Republican Specialized Surgery Center named after academician V.Vakhidov has a doctorate thesis for specialties: Surgery (14.00.27) Traumatology and orthopedics (14.00.22), Oncology (14.00.14), Clinical radiology (14.00.19), the commission consists of 17 professors and 4 Ph.D.

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In the Center of Surgery to study clinical residents from 4 specialties such as: "Surgery", "Clinical Radiology", "Anesthesiology and Intensive Care," "Children's anesthesiology".

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On the base of Centre exist Department of Hospital Surgery and medical-pedagogical faculty of the Tashkent Medical Academy and Surgery department with the course of pediatric surgery of the Tashkent Institute of Advanced Medical.

    The center has a modern library equipped with electronic resources and monographs of national and foreign authors. There is a subscription periodical publication of the leading scientific journals of the Republic, the CIS and Europe.

International relations of JSC «Republican Specialized Surgery Center named after academician V. Vahidova»


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